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Advice Team

The Advice Team offers a unique opportunity for you to receive a personal response to your financial question. When you submit a question, a member of our team of experts will personally respond by email with answers, helpful tips, and/or solutions. This is a free service offered by Money Management International (MMI). Advice and solutions are offered by Kim McGrigg, manager of community and media relations for MMI.

An archive of commonly asked questions and answers is available for your reference. This comprehensive archive offers a wide variety of informative and helpful tips for many financial situations.

Ask the Advice Team

The purpose of the Advice Team is to provide general financial advice. The information is being shared for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice. If you need information regarding your account or have a question regarding the services and/or products offered by MMI, please visit or contact a support counselor by calling 888.845.5669.

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Counselors are standing by to help analyze your financial situation and provide you with multiple options to help you better manage your finances.

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Managing debt can improve your finances and your life Debt is a burden that millions of Americans carry on a daily basis. In fact, the average family spends 20 percent of their household income paying down debt. But the scary fact about debt is that it doesn’t just impact your finances.

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